Of Educator Sexual Misconduct

A relationship between an adult and an adolescent is irrational.  
The dysfunctional mind will make irrational decisions.

A program of presentations directed to adults, especially
teachers, and teenagers, outlining the ramifications of
inappropriate relations with children and young adults and
the dynamics of behaviors that prompt adults to sexually

Included here is the Ramifications program as it would be
presented to an appropriate audience:  a definition of
Inappropriate behaviors, a basic topic outline, an extended
topic outline, and an extended outline with the presentation
text.  These outlines may be used in any manner and serve
only as a guideline.  Educators are encouraged to use
these materials in the manner best fitting their needs.  
None of this material is excluded by copyright.
There is also material outlining the sex offender's method
of operation in an educational setting.  This is by no means
an exhaustive analysis of the criteria defining sexual
Hopefully, I will be able to add additional links and
references as I obtain the appropriate permissions.

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last update: 12/22/19
Ramifications Of Educator Sexual Misconduct